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Evanescence Now On Instagram


Troy rocking out at a restaurant in Lima, Peru!

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Get To Know Amy Lee


Want to know more about Evanescence’s leading lady Amy Lee? Amy sat down to answer some of your questions and tell you more about her music. Read on to see what she has to say then check out the tour dates HERE to see when you can see Amy Lee in a town near you. Also, make sure to follow Amy on Twitter HERE.

1. Who do you consider to be your greatest musical influences? Michael Jackson, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Mozart, Beethoven, Danny Elfman, Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morrisette, Radiohead, Garbage, Soundgarden, Massive Attack, Nirvana, Neil Young, Portishead, Tori Amos. I could keep going but I’ll stop ;)

2. Why did you pick piano and how did you get started playing? I saw the movie Amadeus when I was 8 or 9 years old and was completely enthralled. I knew I wanted desperately to make music, for a living, for life, for sure. I begged for piano lessons and took pride in being able to play more and more advanced pieces. It’s funny, at first I was kind of frustrated and hard on myself because it wasn’t sounding like it did in the movie- I wasn’t a crazy genius who could just pick a whole song out by ear after hearing it only once and I don’t have perfect pitch like Mozart- WTF! It actually takes WORK?? Haha. So I worked. It was worth it.

3. What’s your latest art or fashion project? I guess my latest art project is my new stage outfit that I designed for this tour. It’s a skirt made of flags, representing all of the countries we’ve been so honored to play in the last year on tour. I was flying home from Europe a few months ago and thinking about how every night on stage in other countries, it’s so emotional when we bring out the country’s flag. It means so much to them and to us, that we’ve made it so far. So I thought, what if I could have ALL of the countries represented at once, and show them how much we appreciate and love them all on this last part of the tour? It’s my way of showing my gratitude.

4. What are your must haves from home when you are out on the road? Vicks Vapo-Rub, GLITTER, one perfect pair of all-purpose boots, throat coat tea bags, my lucky Michael Jackson T-shirt, and Beth Wilson!

5. What song do you wish you had written? Without You’ by Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Not only is it one of my favorite songs (especially the Mariah Carey version!), it’s been covered by 180 artists and has touched an infinite number of people. Such soul.

Get To Know Tim McCord


Want to know more about Evanescence’s bass play Tim McCord? Tim sat down to answer some of your questions and tell you more about his music! Read on to see what he has to say then check out the tour dates HERE to see when you can see him rocking in a town near you. Also, make sure to follow Tim on TwitterHERE.

1. What’s your favorite song to play on stage?
 ’The Change.’ It has my favorite groove out of the Evanescence records. It’s always really fun for me.

2. When and how did you get your first bass? I was 14, so that was around 1993. I had saved up a few hundred dollars to buy a bass and my dad matched me dollar for dollar since he was also a musician and encouraged my creativity. With his help, I was able to get a 1973 Sunburst Fender Precision Bass. It was the bass I wanted because it’s the same model and color that Sting plays, who at the time was my favorite bass player (and is still near the top of the list).

3. What other instruments do you play?
 I also play guitar, some keyboards, and in most bands I’ve been in I sang backup vocals.

4. What are your favorite places to travel and anywhere you haven’t been that you want to visit? Wow, we’ve been to so many amazing places it’s hard to choose favorites. I’ll have to say Japan, Australia, South America. Brazil especially, the Netherlands, Prague, Athens, the UK. I’ve still never been to Thailand or India and would very much love to see those places.

5. Who first inspired you to be a musician? I grew up in a household where my dad was a guitarist/bassist and my brother was a drummer. Some of my earliest memories are of them having family jam sessions in our garage on weekends. I suppose it’s years and years of this that got me interested in playing. Check out some of Tim’s favorite songs on Spotify below!

Get to know Terry Balsamo!


Want to know more about Evanescence’s guitarist Terry Balsamo? Terry has been in Evanescence since 2003, going all the way back to the ‘Fallen’ tour. Now he has sat down to answer some of your questions and give you the scoop from the road with Evanescence! Read on to see what he has to say then check out the tour dates HERE to see when you can see him in a town near you.

1. What’s your favorite song to play on stage? ’The Other Side,’ but ‘Disappear’ has been really fun lately.

2. What one song do you wish you had written? ‘Breathe/On The Run’ by Pink Floyd because it’s so dark and beautiful together and it’s a timeless song, and lately the song ‘Survival’ by Muse is one that i envy just as much. That song is out of this world. There are also several by the Deftones of course, but this could change on any day, lol.

3. Are there any pre-show rituals you do before every show? Any kind of music that inspires me has always been my thing to get me pumped along with plenty of cigarettes.

4. Is there any amount of money you would shave your head for? LOL, Hmm, I’d probably start taking bids at a half million.

5. Who first inspired you to be a guitarist? Ace Frehley, then Angus Young. 

Check out some of Terry’s favorite songs of his Spotify playlist below!

iTunes’ Great Rock & Alt Albums


Hey guys – the deluxe version our self-titled album is featured this month in iTunes’ Great Rock & Alt Albums spotlight! The Deluxe Version includes all 12 tracks as well as four bonus tracks and a digital booklet! Be sure to snag your copy of ‘Evanescence’ for only $7.99 before the deal runs out!

Get to know Troy McLawhorn


Want to know more about Evanescence’s guitarist Troy McLawhorn? Troy sat down to answer some of your questions and give you the scoop! Read on to see what he has to say then check out the tour dates HERE to see when you can see him rocking in a town near you.

1. What’s your favorite song to play on stage? Right now it would be “The Change” or “Disappear”. I have always liked “The Change” because it’s a very dynamic song live and you can see the fans getting off on it when it kicks in and then feeling the groove when it breaks back down. “Disappear” is a new one in the set and we put a little work into it so its different live from the way it is arranged on the record. We have a lot of fun with it live and it is energetic.

2. When and how did you get your first guitar? The first guitar that I started to learn to play on was my Moms classical nylon stringed acoustic guitar. My Dad bought it for her but she never really played it, so I confiscated it for myself. It was pretty hard to play rock songs on because the necks on those guitars are really wide so I found a guitar at the local music store that I started bugging my parents to buy for me. It was a “Lotus” and it had the explorer body shape but it was huge. I still have it but I had to scavenge parts off of it years ago so it hasn’t been playable for years.

3. If you hadn’t joined a band, what do you think you would be doing now? Well, that is a hard question. I have always been the most comfortable and happy at the beach or around the water. If I hadn’t committed to being a musician I would probably be making surf boards in a surf shop or something. Or renting jet ski’s somewhere.

4. Who first inspired you to be a musician? I think it was my family. My Mom was a music fan and she educated me on good music as far back as I can remember. She was a rocker and her favorite band was The Beatles. My Dad was a rocker early on. They said I used to love to listen to “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath when my Dad would play it in the car on his 8 track. I was very young which is funny because my son loved that song when he was around 4 and he still loves it. I remember my Dad loving country music, though. Stuff like Willy Nelson, The Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash and so on. His Dad was a guitar player. I remember him playing guitar when I was very young. My other grandfather was in a gospel group with his family and they recorded an album and I thought that was amazing! I couldn’t figure out how they got their voices onto that plastic disk or how the radio in the car worked. I thought there were little people in the dash playing the music when I was young, haha. I was always interested in music for some reason. Kiss was a big influence when I was young and I thought I wanted to play drums like Peter Criss but drums are big and expensive and I wasn’t getting a drum kit from Mom and Dad, and my best friend had been playing drums since he was 4 or 5. But the first time I heard Van Halen I knew that I wanted to be a guitar player. Eddie Van Halen is the guy that really flipped the switch for me.

5. Are there any places you haven’t traveled to yet that you want to visit, whether on tour or vacation? FIJI!!!!!!!!!! I want to go there so bad and stay in one of those little huts out on the water. Just wake up in the morning and fall out of bed into the ocean. Go scuba diving and snorkeling and eat seafood. Like I said, I am a water person. Maybe I could be a swim instructor in Fiji!

Listen to some of Troy’s favorite tracks on Spotify below!