Get to know Terry Balsamo!

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Want to know more about Evanescence’s guitarist Terry Balsamo? Terry has been in Evanescence since 2003, going all the way back to the ‘Fallen’ tour. Now he has sat down to answer some of your questions and give you the scoop from the road with Evanescence! Read on to see what he has to say then check out the tour dates HERE to see when you can see him in a town near you.

1. What’s your favorite song to play on stage? ’The Other Side,’ but ‘Disappear’ has been really fun lately.

2. What one song do you wish you had written? ‘Breathe/On The Run’ by Pink Floyd because it’s so dark and beautiful together and it’s a timeless song, and lately the song ‘Survival’ by Muse is one that i envy just as much. That song is out of this world. There are also several by the Deftones of course, but this could change on any day, lol.

3. Are there any pre-show rituals you do before every show? Any kind of music that inspires me has always been my thing to get me pumped along with plenty of cigarettes.

4. Is there any amount of money you would shave your head for? LOL, Hmm, I’d probably start taking bids at a half million.

5. Who first inspired you to be a guitarist? Ace Frehley, then Angus Young. 

Check out some of Terry’s favorite songs of his Spotify playlist below!