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News | 06.07.13

Amazon $5.99 albums + $.69 “Bring Me To Life”

Hey EV fans! Amazon mp3 has a few of our albums for a limited-time price of $5.99 as well as our our single, “Bring Me To Life” for $.69! Check it out HERE!

News | 04.24.13

Battlefield of the Mind

Hey everyone! It would mean a lot to us if you would check out the new documentary Battlefield of the Mind. It’s supporting a great cause and features music from our very own Troy McLawhorn.

News | 04.16.13

‘Fallen’ Featured in iTunes Great Rock Albums Special

Our album ‘Fallen‘ was released a decade ago, and we’re excited to tell you guys that it’s been included in the iTunes ‘Great Rock Albums‘ collection! For a limited time only, grab a copy for only $7.99.

News | 04.04.13

American Idol contestant sings “Bring Me To Life”

It looks like we’re not the only ones celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Fallen! If you watched American Idol last night, you know that one of the contestants sung a rendition of “Bring Me To Life“. Don’t forget – we have a limited-edition version of Fallen available now on PURPLE VINYL here. Angie Miller –

News | 04.02.13

Amazon mp3: 100 for $5!

April has arrived and Amazon is having a Spring special on our self-titled album! Grab it for $5 for a limited-time at

News | 03.30.13

Springtime EV Special on iTunes

Springtime has arrived and in celebration, iTunes in the US is offering a special limited-time price for Evanescence‘s self-titled album. This offer will only last a few days, so act fast and click HERE to buy!

News | 03.22.13

MTV Musical March Madness – VOTE EV!

Voting for the 2013 Musical March Madness tournament is underway. You can vote for us here: Thanks for your support!

News | 03.20.13

Beez of Scuzz TV Interview

Amy sat down with Beez of Scuzz TV for an interview about all things Evanescence. Check it out HERE and watch them discuss the past, present and future of Evanescence.

News | 03.19.13

A Scrapbook for 10 Years of Fallen

Here are some of our favorite memories from the creation of Fallen. We hope the album means as much to you as it does to us. https://evanescence.comscrapbook/fallen-10-year-anniversary-scrapbook/

News | 03.18.13

One More Day!

We’ll be putting some of our favorite memories from the Creation of Fallen on display tomorrow. Make sure to check back to see them!

News | 03.15.13

How Are You Celebrating?

Hey Ev fans! We’re almost ready to unveil some of our favorite memories from the creation of Fallen. How are you celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Fallen‘s release?

News | 03.13.13

‘Fallen’ Memories

We’ve been hard at work assembling some memories from the creation of Fallen and we can’t wait to share them with you! What are your favorite memories from when the album first came out?

News | 03.05.13

Celebrate Fallen’s 10th Anniversary With Amazon MP3

Have we mentioned it’s the 10-year anniversary of Fallen? We aren’t the only ones who are excited! Amazon mp3 is celebrating, too! Check out our top albums, watch videos, and listen to full songs here!

News | 03.04.13

Evanescence “Fallen” limited-edition vinyl!

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Evanescence chart-shattering album,

News | 03.01.13

‘Fallen’ on Google Play!

Getting ready to take your swimsuit out of hiding for Spring Break?

News | 02.26.13

Featured on iTunes Top Alt. Videos

We’ve been featured on iTunes‘ list of Top Alternative Videos for our songs “Bring Me to Life” and “Going Under!” Check us out!

News | 01.24.13

EV on Google Play “Winter Deals”

“Fallen” was selected as part of Google Play‘s “Winter Deals” promo…that means you can buy it now $6.99!

News | 01.22.13

“Fill Your Cloud” Amazon mp3 – $5 albums!

Good news everyone! We’ve been selected this month to be part of Amazon‘s “Fill Your Cloud” promo…which means multiple EV albums for $5! Evanescence on Amazon mp3

News | 01.21.13

Interview with Cut Out and Keep

Amy Lee recently sat down with Cut Out and Keep for an interview…check out the full piece below!